What Does the UCC Logo Symbolize?

The symbol of the United Church of Christ comprises a crown, cross and orb enclosed within a double oval bearing the name of the church and the prayer of Jesus, "That they may all be one" (John 17:21).

It is based on an ancient Christian symbol called the "Cross of Victory" or the "Cross Triumphant."

The crown symbolizes the sovereignty of Christ. The cross recalls the suffering of Christ, his arms outstretched on the wood of the cross, for the salvation of humanity. The orb, divided into three parts, reminds us of Jesus' command to be his "witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1:8).

The verse from Scripture reflects our historic commitment to the restoration of unity among the separated churches of Jesus Christ.

The UCC logo is a registered trademark of United Church of Christ.
First Congregational Church
of Fort Lauderdale

United Church of Christ
History of First Congregational Church

  On April 12, 1953, twelve persons attended a service in the Coral Ridge Yacht Club.  Later that evening they met again, "for the purpose of organizing a mission church to be called the Coral Ridge Community Church," and to continue services.

  A yacht club board member objected to the church meeting at the club, so worship services were moved to Marshall's Restaurant on Sunrise Boulevard.  The first collection was taken on May 10th, when 37 persons were present.  The services were moved to the Shrine Club, where the rent was $75 per month. 

  Rev. Arthur J. Snow became the first full-time minister of the new mission church in May, 1954.  At that time, the congregation voted to change the church name to "First Congregational Church" with "A Community Church" as a sub-title. 

  Fellowship Hall was our first building, completed in 1956.  Some 254 persons jammed the hall on November 18, 1956 for the consecration service.

  Construction of our current sanctuary began in 1962 and was completed in 1963.  The structure was cited by the Broward County Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Florida Engineering Society as one of twelve structures exhibiting outstanding craftsmanship. 

  A classroom wing was added in 1965, and a new church kitchen was completed in 1973.

  First Congregational Church is involved in the larger community with its Food Pantry for the hungry of Broward County and participation in a community program to augment temporary housing with the Broward Coalition for the Homeless.  It is a "just peace" church, a Stephens Ministry church, and in 2004, joined the ranks of ONA churches.   

  October 17, 2004, First Congregational Church celebrated our 50th anniversary.